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1. The results of the first stage of ranking must be checked on the student profile on the website If no class is specified, the student is not ranked and continues to participate automatically in the second stage ranking, and is NOT required to submit an application.

2. Students who are ranked FIRST after the first stage of ranking must be enrolled in the school to which they were admitted.

Schools will receive registration documents on 14.07.2020, 15.07.2020 and 16.07.2020, from 08.00 to 18.00. If a student does not show up, his place is not reserved and is declared free for stage two rankings.

3. Students who are ranked SECOND or NEXT WANTED and are not satisfied with their first stage rankings must apply to the institution to which they are ranked to participate in the second stage rankings during the same period.

Wishes are not reset, and candidates can only qualify for the second round based on previous wishes or wishes obtained in the first place.

You can fill out the application to participate in the second stage rankings linked here earlier for your convenience and in view of the exceptional situation.

4. In accordance with Article 72 of the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Science No. 10/09/01/2016 concerning Implementation of School Activities Class VIII students are registered in their respective schools by bringing the following documents:

1. application to the director; 2. actual high school diploma;

3. the original medical certificate issued by the student’s general practitioner – for applicants to vocational high schools and vocational classes in high schools, middle schools and high schools profiled, as well as the profile “Sports”

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