Bitcoin Prices Today Reached Rp. 965 Million

Posted on – Bitcoin prices today, Tuesday, November 9, 2021, skyrocketed to reach a record high of all time. The site noted for the first time, Crypto’s assets broke the level of US$ 67,774.58 or around Rp. 964.7 million (assumption of rates of Rp. 14,234 per US dollar).

The recall of the highest price Bitcoin was previously achieved October 20 2021 at US$ 67,000. Currently the Bitcoin market capitalization is US$ 1.28 trillion by controlling 41.62 percent of the total crypto assets circulating in the world.

“The breakthrough in Bitcoin might indicate the start of the last push for the fourth quarter before the Crypto market showed a clearer consolidation to next year,” Fundstrat said in a report on technical strategies such as Bloomberg reported on Monday, November 8, 2021.

He estimates the price of Bitocin, Ethereum, and many other Altcoins will most likely occur in the coming weeks. As for today, the price of the Ethereum was at US$ 4,808.56 or ranging from Rp. 68.46 million and binance coins at US$ 651.31 or around Rp. 9.27 million.

While Solana is at US$ 247.78. Approximately USD 3.53 million. During the past week the price of three assets was recorded stronger crypto.

Baca Juga:

Bitcoin previously reached a record last month after the launch of funds traded on the exchange related to the first Bitcoin for our investors. Bitcoin Proshares ETF’s strategy, which tracks Bitcoin’s future, attracts more than US$ 1.2 billion in volume in its debut.

Old markets more than a decade for digital assets have increased four times from the end of 2020. Value in Bitcoin, prices have risen more than 130 percent this year.

Even so, Crypto assets travel quite fluctuating. These tokens can drop to below US$ 30,000 in June amid criticism of energy consumption of hard action and Chinese Crypto currency.

However, a number of Crypto then began to restore assets for the Crypto sector adapting to conditions in China. In addition to Bitcoin, such as Ethereum Blockchain Network and Solana continue to improve and attract new functionality.

Demand for finance and decentralized tokens cannot be exchanged increases. Not only bitcoin, dismissed like dogecoin and Shiba Inu continue to attract frequently speculative sifantya investors.

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