App Selling Photos Can Be Money Latest Smartphone 2022
App Selling Photos Can Be Money Latest Smartphone 2022

App Selling Photos Can Be Money Latest Smartphone 2022

Posted on -Hello buddy, see you again with the admin who always give the latest information and trending as this one Selling App Photo Can Money Latest Smartphone 2022.

Maybe this time Your smartphone is used only for entertainment. Such as watching videos, playing games, or just to send a message. Maximize the functionality of Your smartphone to find the money. Smartphones are now usually equipped with a camera that is good.

Rather than just used to take a photo that just makes the storage is full, You can sell photos using a smartphone. In addition, supported by the availability of the application-An application for editing photos. Then You can increase the quality and market. Here this app to sell photos can be money

App Selling Photos Can Be Money

  1. EyeEm

EyeEm is an application with a very wide network. At least there are about 25 million photographers who sell the image in this app. If the photo is yours, you will get a profit of 50%. Each photo that is sold in EyeEm is worth at least 20 dollars. So, you can get 10 dollars for each photo sold.

Download EyeEm

  1. Foap

As well as EyeEm, an application that also offers a gain of 50 percent for each photo sold. You can have hundreds of dollars to create the application. Group Foap often hold a competition for its users. The winner for each competition, is a contributor who is able to make a photo work better. The main condition for the photos that Can be Sold must be a resolution of 1,280 x 960 pixels.

Download Foap

  1. Agora

App Agora has the advantage to members that sell pictures. Every photo sold, the result will go into the pockets of 100 percent. Without any cost. However, it depends on the level of the member itself. There is a Junior-level, advanced, Pro, and master.

Download Agora

  1. 500px

Appx 500 can be accessed for free or subscription. With a free account, You are only eligible to upload 7 photos of the week. For the commission, contributors will receive 60 percent of each photo sold. Here, a new contributor has a great opportunity to compete with long-time contributor. 500px has a system that allows content contributors to the new ones appear first.

Download 500px

  1. Contributor ShutterStock

Network ShutterStock very, very wide. Photos that You sell here is potentially seen by more people. If Your photo is sold, You will get a percentage commission. The advantage of the commission depends on the performance of Your photos. If Your photo is downloaded, the greater the commission.

Download A Contributor Shutterstock

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  1. Dreamstime

The dream has been there since the year 2000 with the user about 34 million people. With contributors around 700 thousand people. Not only photos, You can also sell videos, audio clips, vector images and illustrations. The amount of commission is determined from the quality of Your content and how often your content is downloaded by the user.

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